Empower your people.

4D Fit works with businesses and organizations to provide group talks, workshops, and coaching services that empower people to be and do their best, to achieve their goals—head first.

Very often, workplace wellness and D.E.I. programs are underutilized or ineffective because they lack awareness or understanding of brain function.

How the brain and body process thoughts, feelings, and nutrients has a direct impact on attitudes and behaviors—that directly impact wellness and inclusion, and can be different for different people.

The 4D Fit Mental Fitness Model

Similar to physical fitness programs, 4D Fit is not one-size-fits-all.

That’s why 4D Fit provides a suite of services with an accessible framework to understand the importance of brain health, mental well-being, and scientifically-proven health practices to achieve your goals.

The 4D Fit Mental Fitness Model℠ is a fitness framework that focuses on four levels of mental fitness:

Level 1: Balance (awareness & focus)
Level 2: Flexibility (change & adaptation)

Level 3: Rest & Recovery (nourish & replenish)
Level 4: Strength & Endurance (empower & maintain)

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